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our passion is to make

your ride exceptional

Just say

“Hey Cardo!“


Dynamic mesh communications

A next-generation intercom that makes your ride simple.

Set your intercom group once and forget about it. Our field-proven Dynamic Mesh (DMC) technology will take care of the rest.


Natural vioce operation

Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the bars.

Just say "Hey Cardo" and tell it what you want, it will do the rest.



No matter what you throw at it, your IP67 certified unit will take the beating and keep you connected.

Rain, shine, mud, dust or snow.


Explosive sound

Powerful, high-definition speakers and specially-tuned audio processor deliver a sound experience like no other.

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Sound by JBL

Communication in motion


Aerodynamic & streamlined design

Cardo units are the thinnest top-of-the-range motorcycle communication systems out there.

We design them to decrease air resistance and reduce turbulence.


Remote control your Cardo unit from your smartphone

Cardo Connect unlocks the full potential of your Cardo units. Configure your units on the go! Plus enjoy remote control operation from the screen of your smartphone.

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